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Thermally Broken Aluminum Passive House Windows&Doors

Passive Windows
passive house aluminum windows

• U-Value up to 0,14 btu/ft2/h 

 (0.8 W/M2K)

AL 100 Passive House Window Line Section
To those who want to experience their living space in full comfort while saving energy and minimising environmental impact, America Italiana offers the ideal solution: the NC 90 STH HES system.
Recyclable materials, excellent performance levels and reduction of energy costs enable NC 90 STH HES to meet and satisfy every need, also because of the great variety of finishes available.
1 - Frame
2 - Sash
3 - Glazing bead available in various sizes based on the glass thickness
4 - Insulating glazing with 1 air space(double glazing) or 2 air spaces (triple glazing) 
5 - EPDM glass seal gaskets
6 - 6.6 polyamide thermal bars reinforced with 25% fibre glass, fitted with insulating elements, specifically designed to reduce heat loss
7 - Central ‘open joint’ sealing gasket
8 - EPDM internal rabbet gasket
9 - Special under glass insulating gasket
NC 90 STH HES Section
AL 100 SHT Section

Section dimensions:
Frame depth 90 mm
Sash depth 100 mm Air-water-wind-tightness:
open joint(windows and doors) Glass thickness: 22 to 83 mm 
Aesthetic lines
• Piana (BL) and sagomata (SL) 
Technical solutions
• Scomparsa • Outward opening
Gold Class ‘KlimaHaus Quality Window’

The heating and cooling of housing involves a great waste of energy and therefore also an economic waste which requires some changes in the ways we design our buildings.
ALU NC 90 STH HES is the first all-aluminium window to obtain the prestigious ‘KlimaHaus Quality Window’ seal in the Gold class.



  • Maximum thermal and acoustic insulation 
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Top level design
  • Structural strength and stability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durability and long life 
  • Recyclable materials 
  • Energy saving
Opening typologies

Finishes and Coatings
The most gratifying and creative part of purchasing windows and doors is definitely choosing the surface finishing or coating. The surface finishing is made using natural pigments with zero environmental impact thus ensuring exceptional aesthetic results and durability such as mat, gloss and extra gloss anodised or sandeffect paint, fantastic to be seen and touched.

Evolution Line
Natural oxidised effects, matte, glossy... up to extra glossy, a very cool and modern effect. The Evolution line has been inspired by architects to add value to new lifestyles. Evolution is in demand for all living types, for its strong aesthetics, and for its great resistance against any climate

Sablè Line 
The Sablé finishings have a multi-sensory effect for those who feel them... fantastic to look at and rough or satiny to the touch. The sand effect is very versatile, modern, and easily combined with restructurings and a living area of innovative taste.

Raffaello Line
The Raffaello line has been developed in strict cooperation with important architectural studies and offers two different finishings: smooth and bush-hammered. Both finishings resulted from a specific technique of painting called "pointillism" obtained using a controlled mixture of several paints, conferring an exclusive visual and tactile effect.

AL Line 
The AL line represents the range of the most classic colours. Beside the traditional gloss finishes, the matt colours ensure great scratch-proof features

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